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  2. 'SCOPES '17: Capricorn
  3. Leo tarot prediction
  4. How To Learn Tarot Cards
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Consult the free Rune Oracle for additional insight. The Tower. Look for a new beginning after a painful ending that may have left you shaken, not stirred. Remember, the only way up is through. The Empress. It may be something physical, or it may be metaphorical.

'SCOPES '17: Capricorn

Go forth, and be like the earth. Nine of Swords. If anxiety has been keeping you awake, the Nine of Swords implores us to take a deeper look at the Deep Issues that plague our soul. Take charge by using your intellect to transcend incapitating emotions. Unable to make a clean break from the worries binding you? Eight of Pentacles.

Hi ho! Today, your focus is on nose to the grindstone stuff.

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Go forth, meet those deadlines. Just make sure you get paid your fair worth for all your labor.

Leo tarot prediction

Queen of Swords. However, the Queen of Swords possesses the Mad Skillz to use that comb on whatever life throws her way.

Today, your task is to use past experience to fix what ails you now. Divine guidance shows up to remind you to surround yourself with wise teachers and friends.

Leo Love 🌸 Union in Full Bloom 💖 October 2019

Think outside the box and trust the changes happening in your life. Look within for answers and clear up your communication with others.

How To Learn Tarot Cards

Be sure to express your desires out loud so you are all on the same page. Look out for lots of activity , quick action and immediate results happening this week.

capricorn love tarot june 2018

No one his cheering his existence. The sun is barely risen. I see a blonde man with a blonde beard. He has large, coarse features. His beard is neatly trimmed. His brown pants are loose and baggy. They hang off his legs, which are crossed, the right leg over the left.

He rests his left hand on the calf of his right leg, and his right hand on a primitive carved wheel with eight spokes. Each spoke is marked with a carved eight-pointed star. The balustrade underneath the window is carved with the symbol for the Sun and a mystic Hebrew letter. A long golden drapery has been gathered and pulled to one side.

Did you get it?

Outside the window, four golden sunflowers face in toward the room. A few green and sunlight-dappled leaves suggest the presence of woodland nearby. A white horse stands outside the window, but its gaze is unfocused.